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Alex Stewart International is a leading worldwide provider of analysis, sampling, inspection and certification solutions.

We’re active in more than 40 countries and through our global network, we provide world-class inspection, sampling and laboratory testing solutions to leading businesses and government organisations. Our technical expertise for inspection, weighing, sampling, analysis, testing and operational auditing of all commodities and products is second to none. And you’re always assured of a personalised service that you can totally trust.

Fast and accurate laboratory analysis and testing

Our global inspection and sampling services are enabled by meticulous laboratory analysis and laboratory testing which takes place at our UKAS ISO 17025-accredited metal testing laboratory in Liverpool, England. This includes non-ferrous and ferrous ores and concentrates, minor metals, precious and platinum group metals, ferro-alloys, recycled scrap metal, complex materials and plastics, fuels, agricultural and soft commodities and food products.

Our inspection services include supervision of loading and discharge, weighing and sampling services. Our professional and technically experienced inspectors, cargo surveyors and cargo superintendents provide high quality inspection services tailored towards meeting the specific requirements of industry and commerce.

Our customers include mining companies, international traders, metal producers and refiners, farming and agricultural traders, banks and financial institutions, shipping and the general public, in accordance with TIC-approved standard business terms and conditions.

Partnering with government organisations

In recent years, our work for government organisations has expanded greatly. Working for various government organisations around the world, we perform operational auditing of mining concerns and hydrocarbon producers, as well as certification of mineral imports/exports, inspection and analysis of foodstuffs, control of medicines and pharmaceutical products, customs revenue optimisation services and procurement auditing.

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Founded in 1978, Alex Stewart International provides world-class inspection and analysis services that you can rely on. Always on time, competitively priced and tailored to your specific needs.

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