Agricultural, Aquaculture, Environmental, Food and Soft Commodities
Independent, highly experienced and well respected throughout the industry, Alex Stewart Agriculture partners the FOSFA, GAFTA and UKAS approved A.Norman Tate, Huson & Hardwick and Food Test Laboratories to provide a complete range of animal feed and food testing, weighing, sampling and analysis, inspection, supervision, GAFTA cargo surveyors and FOSFA cargo superintendent services. These services cover products as diverse as molasses, fishmeal, grains, oilseeds, oils and fats, cereals, fertilisers, food and any other soft commodities or products associated in the food or animal feed chain. Environmental services and laboratories are located in Argentina, Chile, Norway, Peru and the UK. For more information about any of these inpsection and analysis services, please contact Mr Glenn Forbes:

T + 44 151 525 1488

Base Metals, Ferrous and Non Ferrous Ores & Concentrates
Our strategically located inspection operations cover all major load and discharge ports and refineries for base and non-ferrous metals such as copper, zinc and lead at all main locations in South American, Africa, Asia, Asia Pacific, Baltic Sea, Black Sea and European countries. Inspection services include full supervision of loading and discharge, inspection, draft survey, transportable moisture limits, shore scale or belt weighing surveillance, stockpile control, sampling. For all international base metals including copper, lead and zinc, ferrous ores such as iron and other bulk shipments, for inspections and analysis, please contact Mr. Stephen Russell:

T: +44 151 525 2132

Ferro Alloys and Minor Metals
Alex Stewart International provides a comprehensive range of inspection, weighing, sampling, granulometry, sample preparation and also full analysis for minor metals, noble and bulk ferro-alloys including ferro-chromium, ferro-molybdenum, ferro-titanium, ferro-tungsten, ferro-vanadium; minor metal certification includes lithium, antimony and bismuth, manganese, vanadium, selenium and cadmium, tantalum and niobium, tungsten, cobalt, nickel, chromium, indium and titanium. For more information about these services at our laboratories, please contact Mr. Stephen Russell:

T: +44 151 525 2132

Oil, Gas and Chemicals
Quantity and quality inspection and certification for ship to ship services of Oil, Gas and Chemicals including crude oil, all refined petroleum products, liquified gases, chemicals for both inspection and supervision of loading and discharge. All analytical tests, are carried out in accordance with all international standards. Operating mainly in West and Central Africa, Stewart Intersea’s inspectors are equipped with GSM handheld internet devices that are suitable for offshore work and enable them to relay information quickly and efficiently to our team in the UK

For more information about these services, please contact Mr. Ben Hughes

T +44 151 305 2300

Precious Metals
Alex Stewart International has a global network of inspection offices with extensive experience with the inspection and sampling of precious metal bearing materials. These materials include Bullion, Dore, Concentrates, Jewellery Scrap, Electronic Scrap, PGMs, Auto catalyst, Petrochemical Catalyst, PGM Gauzes/Catchment gauzes, Industrial Catalysts, Chemical Catalysts, Pharmaceutical Catalysts, Sweeps, Slimes, Sludges and Residues. We attend at precious metal refineries and processing facilities globally to witness all stages of the weighing/sampling processes, including weighing, melting, incineration, screening, blending, sampling, moisture determination, loss on ignition (LOI), quality sample preparation and sample sealing. Alex Stewart International are approved supervisors for the proactive monitoring of refineries (PAM) on the LBMA Good Delivery Gold and Silver lists and are also appointed as supervisors to the LPPM Good Delivery system for Platinum and Palladium. We also attend at refineries to witness sampling as part of the purity testing requirements for CME (COMEX/NYMEX) brand applications. In addition, we provide independent bar auditing and inventory services at approved bullion vaults worldwide on behalf of our global customers, including at vaults in the UK, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Canada and the United States.

Please watch our new Precious Metals Laboratory Services Video here.

For more information on our precious metals inspection and analysis services, please contact:

Mr. Rob Smith: +44 7934 857877;


Solid Fuels
Quantity and quality inspection and certification services of all solid fuels including coal and coke for both supervision of loading and discharge, sampling and size analysis, stockpile control, moisture tests, are carried out in accordance with all international standards. Analysis procedures are determined in triplicate, tailored to customers’ requirements and would include ash fusion, mineral, sulphur and ultimate analysis, chlorine and fluorine, hard grove grindability, roga and free swelling indices. For more information about these services, please contact Mr. Kushal Roy:

T +91 44 2833 3010

Steel Scrap
Alex Stewart International certifies the quantity and quality of ferrous, non-ferrous, electronic or plastic scrap material conforms to all contractual terms, conditions and also including all international regulations such as ISRI and GOST. Digital photographic evidence will be provided for all Pre-shipment Inspectionand Proof on Arrival for scrap metal inspections, inspection during loading and sealing of containers. Radioactivity testing and checking for the presence of hazardous or dangerous materials will also be rigorous to protect you from any unnecessary financial or environmental claims. For more information about scrap inspection, please contact Mr. Levent Delibas:

T +90 212 8711325

Steel Products
Inspection services to the steel industry include safe full loading and discharge supervision of hot and cold rolled steel coil, finished and semi-finished steel products. Inspection services determine the quantity and quality of steel products either by weighing, sampling, testing and measurement or through visual observation. Depending on contract terms, cargo supervision services include weight determination at load and discharge shore scales or by draft survey, hold and visual inspection, tally and grading. For more information about steel products, please contact Mr. Levent Delibas:

T + 90 212 8711325

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