Alex Stewart International's Mineral Export Certification Program determines on behalf of governments the correct quality and quantity of mineral exports for duty and taxation purposes.

Alex Stewart International sets up state-of-the-art laboratories in the mining regions of the client governments, with the capability of performing the qualitative and quantitative analyses of minerals to determine with precision the amounts of valuable elements these might contain.

Alex Stewart International samples minerals ready for export, witnesses the weighing, bagging and loading of the materials, measures their radioactivity levels, and seals all bags and containers with proprietary tamper-proof seals, which are later checked for integrity at the point of export. 

Samples are analyzed and certificates, printed on high-security paper and stating the quantities of each valuable element found, are issued. Alex Stewart International certificates are used by the client governments to assess taxes, duties, and other fees on the exports, and are also used by the exporters as international commercial documents since the company name is recognized worldwide as a seal of integrity.

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