ALEX STEWART INTERNATIONAL is committed in its pursuit of excellence through its business objectives to provide first-class inspection and analysis services to its customers and to maintain a robust risk management policy which enables it to provide security for its partners and offer a dynamic work experience for all of its employees.


ALEX STEWART INTERNATIONAL has deemed Safety as one of its key priorities. We understand the importance of a Safety Culture in its relationships with its key stakeholders and is committed to providing a safe place of work for all of its employees across all of its business sectors. The company has implemented a full Health and Safety Policy that is based around OHSAS 18001 and is committed to fully comply with the HASAWA 1974 and its Approved Codes of Practice.

The Company reviews its safety policy annually and is committed to implementing the PDCA principles advocated through planning and checking the effectiveness of the policy. The company is also committed to consulting with staff on safety issues and implements a safety committee comprising of representatives across each business area. Reporting of Safety Incidents and Near Miss events are highly prioritised such that effective corrective action may be implemented.   

Reporting of Safety into board level remains a KPI to ensure that the appropriate levels of communication from shop floor to boardroom are maintained.


ALEX STEWART INTERNATIONAL has established a set of Risk Management principles set out in its Compliance Code. These principles have emanated from the Senior Executives and Business Managers adopting a strict approach in recognising and acting on any risks that may adversely affect the realisation of the organisation’s business objectives. These risks may be of a diverse nature (Technological, Commercial, Financial, Information and Security risks) and they are managed and suitably controlled such that Alex Stewart International remains capable of continually delivering a high-level service to its clients. 

The Organisation remains committed fully to its Compliance Programme with particular reference to the TIC Council seven Principles:- Integrity - to operate in a professional, independent and impartial manner, whilst adhering to approved methods to report data in good faith without unauthorized amendment; Conflict of Interest - to avoid any conflict of interest where a financial or commercial interest is involved and to avoid conflicts of interest with the activities of the Member; Confidentiality and Data Protection - to respect the confidentiality and privacy of clients information and to ensure processes are in place to protect such information; Anti-bribery - to prohibit the offer or acceptance of a bribe in any form and to prohibit routes or channels for provsion of improper benefits or reciept of impromper benefits; Fair Business Conduct - to conduct business with the highest standards of business ethics and integrity and to avoid any action that may bring the reputation of the TIC Council into disrepute; Health and Safety - to implement adequate resource and training to protect the Health and Safety of employees, customers and third parties, and to monitor incidents with the view of minimizing all risk; Fair Labour - to be aware of the social responsibilties for its employees and the people, communities and environments in which it works and to respect human rights at all times.

The Company is also a participating member of TIC Council Committees ensuring the business remains fully compliant across its business activity. Interested parties wishing to make enquiries, complaints or comments can contact the Compliance Officer: Terry.Roche@alexstewartinternational.com

Alex Stewart International is constantly reviewing the state of compliance across all sectors and is effectively prioritising, funding and initiating the corrective actions required to facilitate a fully compliant business. The Company is fully committed to audit trail and is fully committed to participating in any prescribed audit activity in the area of regulatory compliance.



Alex Stewart International distances itself from any form of modern slavery or activity that could be interpreted as such in its daily operations. It also strives to ensure that its operations are free from any association with Human Trafficking and promotes its commitment to acting in an ethical manner. Our Organization emphasises that  it has a major commitment to ensure that all of its operational processes are performed with the upmost integrity and has implemented the following key requirements:

  • To require every employee, Contractor and Individual service provider to abide by the terms of the ASi Code of Conduct which include this Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking policy statement.
  • To Act with Honesty and Integrity in all business dealings which includes the respecting of Human Rights in all global locations.
  • To require all participants and global partners to apply the same code of Conduct throughout the Global sphere of operations and declare such conformity.
  • To continually review our global arrangements with partners in relation to modern slavery, conflict minerals and Human Trafficking.
  • To Induct all employees in the Codes of Conduct and ensure that they are aware of our policies in relation to Modern Slavery, Conflict Minerals and Human Trafficking.



ALEX STEWART INTERNATIONAL is committed to providing a rewarding and challenging environment for all of its employees. Alex Stewart International strives to attract the best quality applicants by offering a stimulating and dynamic place of work.  We are committed to adopting a recruitment policy that is fully aligned to meet the business objectives and to maintain the intellectual specialisms that are required to remain at the forefront of the industry. The Company is also committed to allowing all members of staff to have a work life balance that supports a healthy and vibrant lifestyle. Through our HR and staff relations programs we aim to ensure that KPI targets for attendance and job satisfaction are high on the agenda and managed by a strict appraisal system to ensure staff are allowed to develop in line with their own individual strengths and personalities.

Job applications and Curriculum Vitaes should be submitted for the attention of the HR Manager at analysis@alexstewartinternational.com

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