You need to delegate control of your commodity to an independent expert, who can look after your interests at all stages of production and transit. Or perhaps you need your commodity to act as eligible collateral security for a loan. Taking advantage of Alex Stewart International’s Collateral Management Agreements (CMAs) service allows you to get on with your core business, knowing that your commodities are in the safest possible hands.

Alex Stewart International already provides these highly specialised CMA services in Malaysia and SE Asia, and is expanding into other countries. Core business services range from warehouse control and stock monitoring and the full auditing of commodities, including pre-project credit ratings with financial institutions, to weighbridge control, storage and produce insurance. The operations team comprises fully qualified accountants, lawyers and agronomists, and follows strict legal and financial procedures at all times. CMA and warrants service includes:

Crop monitoring: Full technical consultation and advice for farmers and producers, including seed choice, planting, fertilisation, crop monitoring, harvest, quality control, classification, storage and logistics from warehouse to ship side. GAFTA and FOSFA approved loading and discharge supervision and inspection for end buyers.

Stock monitoring: CMA quantities are logged into a stock book. Release quantities are verified against the release note and stock book. Reports and updates are sent by email to relevant parties.

Warehouse security: Padlocks are installed on every door of the warehouse. A minimum of one inspector will attend your goods 24 hours a day. Only authorised personnel are allowed inside.

Goods release: Written instructions come from Alex Stewart International and written approval from the receiver/creditor through an official release order. The release is monitored, to ensure the safe passage of goods from CMA cargo to non-CMA cargo by (a) bagging cargo and (b) bulk delivery over weighbridge.

At the load port: The creditor and depositor sign the CMA and an Alex Stewart International inspector is appointed to certify loading supervision and cargo quality/quantity.

At discharge: Alex Stewart Agriculture will carry out an inspection to determine the Bill of Lading and the quantity at the load port. Weighed goods are stored and closely guarded at the approved warehouse facility.

CMA pledge: When discharge is completed, Alex Stewart Agriculture pledges the CMA quantity, based on actual weight figures, and issue a non-negotiable warehouse receipt, which an authorised signatory endorses in favour of the receiver.


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  • ASI Laboratory, Sample Preparation and Customer Services