KIBO Laboratories inspects and certifies, on behalf of governments, foodstuffs, raw materials for the production of foodstuffs, agricultural products, and alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks throughout the phases of production, storage, transport, and sale (including imports and domestic products).

KIBO's Inspection and Certification Program focuses on food safety and quality related to contamination and adulteration. Priority is given to the protection of consumer health and economic concerns as well as to the protection of honest entrepreneurs.

Production inspection
Pertains to the inspection of food processing plants that produce canned or packaged products. KIBO performs the sampling and analysis of the products to check for food safety and quality, inspects the premises to verify hygienic conditions, checks the measuring systems, and carries out any other tests and inspections in accordance with all applicable sanitary regulations. These inspections are usually scheduled once a year, except in certain emergency conditions that might require immediate action, such as a case of suspected food contamination.

Quality inspections encompass both analytical quality and sensory quality requirements. The analytical quality requirements mainly include physical and chemical requirements for quality such as moisture content, ash content, fat content, sugar content, acidity, granulation, or the content of additives. KIBO utilizes the most advanced laboratory technologies for this purpose. The sensory quality requirements include, for example, foodstuff consistency, structure, color, taste, and odor. 

Product Certification
KIBO issues a master certificate to each producer and importer per year and per product, with information on the quality analysis of the product. Then KIBO sells to the producer or importer high-security labels (infrared stamps, optical variable ink, intaglio) that must be affixed to each product so that field-inspectors can identify the real, certified product from the adulterated one. The labels are manufactured with high quality ink and paper of the same quality as bank notes and are numbered and assigned to a manufacturer or importer under rigorous control and auditing. All the information contained in the label is computerized and can be read by field-inspectors using infrared light.

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