Alex Stewart Agriculture is a UKAS ISO/IEC 17025: 2005 accredited company providing world class FOSFA, GAFTA and UKAS approved testing and analysis services. It is supported by the A. Norman Tate, Huson and Hardwick and Food Test Laboratories for the facilitation of the international trading of soft commodities including animal feed, oilseeds, oils & fats, bio diesel, grains and cereals, fertilizers, raw & refined sugar and food products.

Bio-mass inspection and analysis
Alex Stewart Agriculture provides the full range of FOSFA approved inspection and analytical testing for Bio-mass, Bio-fuels and all related by-products in accordance with the international EN 14214 quality requirements.

In this fast developing industry sector the extensive experience of our professional analysts and internationally accredited laboratories are critical advantages. Accurate bio-mass analysis combined with fast effective turnaround times are assured.

Our procedures for Bio-mass covers the full analytical spectrum for phosphate, fat content, oil, moisture, ash, gross calorific value, fibre and carbohydrates.

GlycerolRape meal: Oil, moisture, protein ash
Moisture (KF)OSR & Oil: Full Analytical Services

Environmental - Soil, Air & Water Analysis
Our laboratories in Argentina, Chile, Norway, Peru and the UK provide environmental services to agricultural, food, construction, petro-chemical, recycling and waste management industries. Environmental analysis is supported by sampling, sample collection, e-certification, technical consultancy and friendly customer service.

Potable water Sea and fresh water
Bottled mineral water Swimming, Jacuzzi and spa pools
Bottled mineral water Swimming, Jacuzzi and spa pools
Processed wastewater Effluence and sewage water
Landfill and soil Surface hygiene


A total of 240 analytical tests can be performed, including full metal analysis. Frequently requested tests include:

Ammonia, nitrogen Chromium, total Phosphorous
Bromine Colour Silica
Chloride COD Sulphate
Chlorine, free Fluoride Sulphide
Chlorine, total Hardness Surfactants
Chromium, hexavalent PCB Suspended solids
TOC Tannin Volatile Acids


Microbiological Testing in Soil and Water

Pseudomonas aeruginosa Coliforms presumptive/confirmation


Complete analysis is available for:

Escherichia coli presumptive/confirmation TVC @ 22º, 30º & 37º

Fertiliser - GAFTA Inspections and Analysis
Alex Stewart International
 provides GAFTA approved fertiliser inspections and analysis in Argentina, Baltic States, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, France, India, Italy, Netherlands, North America, Peru, Scandinavia, Spain, UK, and all Ukrainian and Black Sea ports.  Fast and accurate fertiliser analysis is carried out by experienced and qualified chemists using both classical and modern methodology:

Kjeldahl method for NitrogenICP for Magnesium sulphate and Potassium
Gravimetric method for phosphatesBiuret in urea by spectrophotometric method

Food - Microbiological Testing, Chemical and Nutritional Analysis

Alex Stewart International's Food Test Lab is an independent and UKAS approved microbiological, chemical and nutritional food testing laboratory. Food Test Lab services provide ISO 17025 accredited microbiologicalchemistry and nutritional analysis services for your foodstuffs – especially important if you need detailed nutritional information for food labelling purposes. Our accredited analytical services enable you to meet food labelling and safety regulations, achieve best practice and, above all, satisfy your consumers.

For further information about our UK Food Testing Laboratory please visit:

For further information about our Food Testing Laboratory in China please

Alex Stewart’s ISO 17025 fully accredited food testing laboratories in the UK carry out the most accurate time focused microbiological testing and food analysis including:

MoistureFats and fatty acid
SodiumFibre and ash
Energy valuePeroxide value
SaltSalmonella spp
Group I and Group II Nutritional AnalysisListeria
Dietary fibreE-coli
Fats and OilsBacillus cereus
Mono-unsaturatesStaphylococcus aureus
Calorific valueClostridium perfringens

Grains - GAFTA Analyst and Superintendent
Through Alex Stewart Agriculture and Huson and Hardwick Laboratories, who act as cargo superintendents and long standing analyst member of the Grain and Feed Trade Association (GAFTA), Alex Stewart International works closely with many of the world's leading grain traders to provide independent monitoring, testing, technical inspection and consultancy, in full compliance with GAFTA 124 sampling procedures.

We can also arrange logistical and fumigation services, to ensure that cargoes are transported in the correct and approved condition, additionally, in Brazil, Malaysia and Indonesia our technically qualified inspectors provide the industry with collateral management agreements -CMA, including crop monitoring, storage supervision for grains, feed, fertiliser and sugar, maintaining full control and supervision of transportation between storage facilities, loading and discharge supervsion, and certifying quantity and quality of customers imported and exported agricultural commodities.

Technical consultancy services represent another speciality area at Alex Stewart Agriculture. Our strategically and commercially located operational offices offer support and advice regarding ports and silos, and provide informative interpretation of the latest industry standards concerning the sampling and analysis of grains and cereals are transported in the approved and correct condition.

Grains, wheat, barley, maize, oats and soybean analysed and certified for quality include the following tests:

Protein or nitrogenAdmixture
Specific weightHectolitre weight
Hagberg falling numberRadiation tests
InfestationGMO tests

Oils, Fats and Oilseeds - FOSFA Analyst and Superintendent 
Alex Stewart International is an established and internationally recognized superintendent member of the Federation of Oils Seeds and Fats Associations (FOSFA), the Palm Oil Refiners Association of Malaysia (PORAM) and the Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB).

Groundnut oilCottonseed oilSunflower Oil
Rapeseed oilOlive oilLinseed
Soybean oilTallowCorn oil
Palm oilRapeseedPalm kernel oil
LardGlycerineSunflower seed
Coconut oilWalnutSheanut
Fish oilCopra
Alex Stewart International's strategically located FOSFA and ISO accredited oils, fats and oilseeds laboratories are located in Argentina, India, Peru, Ukraine and the U.K. (A Norman Tate and Co Ltd) to provide fast accurate results and a comprehensive range of analytical services to the industry, tests include:
MoistureFree fatty acidsDensity
ImpuritiesUnsaponifiable matterMetal trace elements
Lovibond colourVolatile matterFlashpoint

Rice - GAFTA Analysts and Superintendents 
Well established in the analysis and inspection of rice shipments, we provide the complete service portfolio, including pre-shipment inspection, supervision of loading and discharge, sampling, weight control and tallying to analysis in our GAFTA approved laboratories.

Our laboratories in Argentina, Chile, India, Malaysia, Norway, Peru, Thailand and the UK are equipped with the latest instrumentation, from precision balances to gas chromatographs and polarimeters.

MoistureForeign matterTest weight
StarchSpecific weightMilling quality
Palm oilYellow/damaged

Sugar - London Sugar Associate 
We are able to provide a full range of CMA, inspection and analytical services to the sugar industry. Refined, raw, bulk, bagged and liquid sugars are all effectively analysed with the company's characteristic speed and precision.

Dedicated sugar laboratories in Santos Brazil, Santiago Chile, Lima Peru and in Liverpool England enable us to provide a fast, reliable and accurate service to the international sugar trade. These well-equipped laboratories are members of the Sugar Association of London (SAL) and participate in quarterly round-robin analytical exercises, to ensure a consistently high quality service, whilst maintaining the rapid turnarounds the international trade requires.  Analytical services include: 


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