Alex Stewart International accredited laboratories have a unique competence: a trustworthy and recognized global Company that employs qualified and experienced chemists who use state of the art instrumentation and analytical equipment to deliver precise and prompt results service for many diverse industry sectors.

Aquaculture: Chile, China, Ecuador, Norway, Peru and UK 
Analysis of fish, fishmeal, fish products and fish oil is carried out at our FOSFA and ISO accredited key laboratories in Shanghai, Santiago, Guayaquil, Odda Norway, Lima and Liverpool. Please visit the Gallery in the media section for pictures of our laboratories. 

Agriculture: Grain and Feed, Food Products: Brazil, Chile, China, Ecuador, India, Kenya, Peru, Ukraine and UK 
Agricultural analytical services are coordinated by Alex Stewart Agriculture and cover the full spectrum of tests from aflatoxin, oil, moisture and ash content for bulk shipping samples to full chemical and microbiological testing, nutritional and calorific values for food products; microbiological testing in Liverpool , Shanghai and Lima provides accredited analysis for a whole range of agricultural,aquaculture and food testing services. Commodities certified include bio-mass, cereals, food products, molasses, nuts, oilseeds, oils and fats, vegetable oil, mixed acid oils, rice, soya, sugar, sunflower, tallow, render and also fertiliser. Alex Stewart Internationals' network of GAFTA, FOSFA and ISO 17025:2005 accredited laboratories are strategically located in Chennai, Vizakh, Kandla,  Lima, Santos, Riberao Preto, Odessa, Shanghai, Odda and its headquarters are situated in Liverpool. For more detailed information, please visit and

Environmental: Argentina, Chile, China, Norway, Peru, and UK 
Alex Stewart Internationals' environmental laboratories operate according to ISO standards and provide certification to organic and non-organic chemical parameters. Analysis services include soil, water, sewage and hazardous industrial waste, toxic emissions, air and gases. All environmental laboratories have experience providing results for mining research projects, heavy industry and local or regional water authorities.

Laboratory competence and instrumentation includes inoragnics such as metals, nitrogen, TOC, chloride, sulphate, pH, total suspended solids; organic pollutants such as hydrocarbons, PAH, PCBs'; microbiology in potable water, waste water, surface water, waste water; oil seperated from water; seawater; sludge; compost; soil; solids and dust.


Geochemical Analysis: Argentina
Principal geochemical and environmental laboratories Alex Stewart Argentina are located in Mendoza, San Julian, Jujuy and Perito Moreno to provide world-class sample preparation and full analytical services to the mining industry in both Argentina and Latin America. 

Geochemical analysis and sample preparation services are tailored to Argentina’s mining industry by acknowledging both senior and junior mining projects need for fast and accurate assay determinations. The laboratory combines both high tech instrumentation and classical wet geo-chemistry methods such as fire assay, micro-gravimetric, AA, ICP-OES, and regularly participates in certification programmes including Geostats and CANMET round robins. 

Sample preparation is not restricted to our static Mendoza laboratory; we can overcome logistical complexities by preparing samples at mine sites. We have considerable experience in designing tailor made and mobile sample preparation facilities that can be equipped to meet specific requirements and that are transportable from mine project to mine project. Typical mobile preparation facilities would include drying oven jaw crushers, lab-technic grinders, riffles, sieves, shakers, dust extraction. 

Environmental services are provided to many industries particularly mining exploration companies, water authorities, universities, councils and government organizations. Services range from analysis of sewage water, potable water, gas emissions, soils and hazardous waste. 

Alex Stewart is committed to its inter-company quality control audit and is certified to ISO 9001-2008, ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 17025:2005 standards. Alex Stewart Argentina Interview at Argentina Mining 2016 For further information about Alex Stewart’s services in Argentina please visit   

Metals, Minerals and Solid Fuels: Argentina, Chile, India,  Malaysia, Peru, Rwanda, UK, United Arab Emirates and Zambia 
The Group’s head laboratory which is based in Liverpool, UK provides ISO accredited assaying and analytical services for non-ferrous and ferrous metal concentrates – copper, lea, zinc, tin and iron; minor and precious metals including bullion, coinage and jewellery, precious metal bearing ores and concentrates; ferro alloys, PGM auto catalysts,  recycled scrap metal, metallurgical complex materials and plastics. Fully ISO Accredited laboratories in Chile and Peru provide copper, lead and zinc analysis for load port contracts. Alex Stewart's laboratory in Dubai and Lima, specialize in precious metals analysis and serves the thriving local gold bullion and jewellery industry. ISO accredited laboratory services in India and Malaysia cover a comprehensive range of metals and minerals analysis including solid fuels testing and are based in Chennai, Kandla, Vizag and Kuala Lumpa. 


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