With a worldwide organization, expert personnel and state-of-the-art technical resources, Alex Stewart International assists and supports customs services to improve their government revenues from import duties and taxes.

PSI Audit
Governments are not in a position to monitor and assess the performance of pre-shipment inspection companies due to the technical complexity of their services and the geographic dispersion of their operations which include the inspection and price verification of goods in the exporting countries. To gauge the quality of the PSI services, Alex Stewart International selects 5% of imports to perform independent price verification at point of purchase and selective physical inspection at port of clearance, reporting the results to the government. Alex Stewart International is the only company in the world providing PSI Audit services to governments.

Price Verification 
Alex Stewart International performs an independent verification of the price of the goods at the point of purchase for 5% to 10% of shipments. The shipments are targeted for verification either randomly or based on historic deficiencies classified by importer, origin, supplier and type of merchandise. Price verification is not based on suppliers’ information, but is performed independently, either using methodologies already established (article 7 of WTO) or any other acceptable to the government.

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