Alex Stewart International inspectors ensure that all contractual specifications are met to protect you from any unnecessary financial claims. Accurate weights and good delivery are just two factors that need to be considered to meet LME, LBMA, LPPM, GAFTA or FOSFA contractual obligations and that is why our inspectors are fully conversant with all internationally accepted sampling and weighing procedures. We can also assess whether a vessel is ship worthy and in appropriate condition to fulfil its carriage contract requirements.

All cargo supervision, inspection and sampling is carried out according to ISO and IFIA standards. When drawing samples, it is of paramount importance that practical and correct sampling methods are applied in order to obtain samples that are homogeneous and truly representative of the cargo as a whole.

For example, inspection, weighing and sampling of copperzinc or lead concentrates, solid fuels, grains, fertilizer or soya bean can vary in quality. Contamination can be confined to specific areas of warehouse or vessel. It is therefore vital that the whole shipment is inspected and sampled thoroughly and methodically. Our inspectors, cargo surveyors, superintendents, weighers and samplers follow the correct sampling methods as any subsequent laboratory analysis may be undermined if inappropriate sampling methods have been applied, the laboratory chemist is only as good as the sample being analysed. Sampling is absolutely critical and this is why our inspectors are in full attendance for the whole duration of the supervision. Inspection and analysis costs are small compared to the commercial value of the commodity being traded; peace of mind is priceless.

Inspection Risk Management (IRM)

IRM is an inspection risk management service, which would include inspection at both load port and discharge port, in this way we would ensure your cargo is better protected. IRM service would include an initial consultancy, investigation and technical report, which would explain to the customer our findings about loading and discharge logistics, infrastructure and weighing/sampling procedures. On subsequent shipments, inspectors will be present throughout both loading and discharge to supervise operations, detect inferior quality cargo and ensure that correct procedures are being adopted to prevent your consignment from discrepancies, contamination or damage.


Pre-Shipment InspectionsStore Intervention
Storage & Stowage InspectionsDamage Cargo Inspections
Transportable Moisture DeterminationQuality Control
Hatch Hose TestingLoss Control
Establishing Source of Water IngressWeight Control - Quay/Weighbridge
Ullaging of ships tanks & quantity calculationsTallying & Stockpile Control
Hold Suitability for Nominated CargoCalibration of weighing Equipment
Tank Cleanliness InspectionWeighing Supervision
Temperature DeterminationSampling & Quality Sample Preparation
Supervision of Discharge/LoadingMoisture Determination
Recording of Cargo DistributionSize Determination
Control of Cargo MovementGranulometry Testing
Monitoring Cargo HandlingViscosity
Finished Product InspectionLetters of Protest

Shipping Logistics and PSI Services

Alex Stewart International can provide wide ranging shipping logistics and pre-shipment inspectionservices for finished products and also any bulk commodity; PSI can also be extended to include traceability, for example mine audits and processes such as farm audits, crop monitoring, produce classification, stock monitoring and weigh bridge control.

Core PSI services provide physical and visual inspection of goods prior to shipment to establish that imported and exported goods and their invoice value, tariff code and customs duty all conform to specification and correspond to packing lists so that they are able to clear through customs authorities in any given country. PSI prevents over-invoicing and assists customs in the collection of correct duties. Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI) and analysis services include checking that the product is within specification and fit for intended use, assessment and inspection of quality control processes, witnessing in house tests, packaging-reporting services – checking labeling and documentation, weight verification - gross, tare & net, bagging supervision – checking bag strength and durability.

Alex Stewart International offer a comprehensive range of marine services to accurately calculate cargo weights, ensure that appropriate storage and handling methods are being employed and evaluate the condition of the vessel or containers prior to and during loading.

Full Shipping LogisticsOn / Off Hire Survey
Draft Survey / Barge GaugingMarine Cargo Surveying
Condition SurveyGas Free Survey
Tanks and Liquid Cargo SurveyHull and Engine Survey
Hatch SurveyPre-shipment Survey
Performance SurveyLashing and Securing Survey
Container Inspection SurveyInaccessible Claims


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